Conversation with Esa Rantanen, Business Finland, Kenya

During the pandemic, Kenya put stricter measures, for example, curfews and mandatory face masks when visiting public spaces to help curb the pandemic. Kenya has seen service innovations throughout its major sectors ; heralded as a testament of the country’s resilience.
Learn more about how the Kenyan government plans to increase employment, encourage foreign investments, and increase their GDP through its Big 4 Action Plan. This action plan targets four key sectors: food security, affordable housing, manufacturing, and affordable healthcare. It outlines strategies that contribute to the development and innovation in these sectors. Finnish companies interested in market opportunities and partnerships with Kenyan companies can contact Esa Rantanen of Business Finland via…​

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Finnish companies should seek some African countries for example Kenya, South Africa,Rwanda, Zambia, Nigeria, Morocco and Egypt similar export partners like European counterparts. -Esa Rantanen