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Finnish-African Society

We Connect, We Inform & We Network

Connecting Africa and Finland Since 1964

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Welcome to Finnish-African Society

Formerly knows as the African Society in Finland, it was established in 1964 and registered in 1967. Its purpose was to promote the knowledge of Africa countries to supply information and to encourage support development, assistance in research on Africa in Finland.


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We Connect

We aim to build sustainable partnerships through our community in Finland and beyond.

We Inform

As a pioneer in Finland and an established society, we aim to inform and promote the dynamic ecosystem of Africa and its people.

We Network

The Society provides the perfect platform for business and associations to collaborate and build partnerships that emulate the objectives of our Society.


Over the years, the Society has organized public meetings and lectures on sharing information on Africa. The Society has conducted numerous mobile exhibitions and provided learning materials to local schools in the past.

Annual Business Seminar

The Annual Business Seminar gathers both Finnish and Africa business leaders to discuss and share their professional expertise on business opportunities in Africa and Finland. Our business networking seminars are FREE but require registration. We aim to continue organizing quality seminars to enhance the economic relationship between Finland and Africa. 

Meetings & Lectures

Periodically, the society endeavours to create a forum for discussions, sharing knowledge and expertise on various topical issues that are at the forefront in African affairs.


Become a sponsor, and benefit from the invaluable expertise and knowledge we offer through our platform. Through our events, we offer the opportunity to gain traction, offer visibility and collaborate with strategic partners.

Our Mission

The Finnish-African Society is a non-profit organization established in 1968 as the first African Society in Finland. Initially formed as a friendship society, the goal was to inform, educate and bring together friends of the continent. The Society today has remained true to its values during its establishment; to create, organize and serve as a platform to connect people from the private and public sector interested in fostering a better relationship between Africa and Finland.

Our approach is to partner and collaborate with business entities, civil societies, NGOs, and corporations to deepen the socio-economic and cultural ties between Finland and African countries. We continue to do this through our annual activities like business seminars, education lectures, partner projects, cultural events, and other consultations.  

Our three objectives: 

  • We Connect 
  • We Inform 
  • We Network 

Presently, our Board of Directors comprises industry-leading experts, former Society members, and business advisors ready to steer the Society to an exciting new chapter. We have a dedicated and creative operational team that is ready to undertake this endeavour. 

We are registered and based in Finland and continuously growing our networks and partnerships globally. 

We at the Society want the world to know that we are open to building new partnerships to continue our legacy to better our partners and members. 



Finnish-African Society

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