Tunisia, The place to do business

Tunisia is a captivating destination unlike any other. One that will surprise and delight you in so many memorable ways.

And with a variety of hotels from all-inclusive resorts to luxury and boutique hotels, it is also one of the best value destinations on the Mediterranean with something for everyone.

Sun-seekers will relish the warm weather and some of the best beaches on the Mediterranean.

Those who prefer their holidays action-packed will be able to try every watersport under the sun along the 800 miles of coastline or stay inland for desert thrills such as quad biking and sand boarding.

And for those into history, Tunisia is home to some of the world’s finest Roman ruins, as well as eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The bustling souks and medinas are the perfect place to go for unique, handmade crafts and you will never be too far from a café or restaurant offering delicious food, chilled wine and refreshing local lemon juice.

There are also world-class golf courses, luxurious spas specializing in Thalassotherapy and when night falls, Tunisia’s thriving bar and club scene means you can dance the night away.

There is so much more to discover about Tunisia, so don’t hesitate to come and visit the country.

Major assets of Tunisia are Proximity to Europe & Free Access to Major Markets, Pool of International Level Talent at competitive cost, World -Class Infrastructure and A Friendly Business Environment.

More than 3 600 Foreign companies are present in Tunisia. They benefit from a geostrategic position in the Med Area at just an hour flight to Europe and less than three hours flight from Middle East Cities.

Tunisia has an advanced partner status with the European Union with a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) in Progress.

It has Free trade agreement with Morocco, Egypt and Jordan (AGADIR), and with Turkey. Member of COMESA, a common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa with 625 Millions consumers.

Tunisian economy is the most Innovative Economy in North Africa for Scientific & Technical Articles and for Expenditure on Education (Source: Global Innovation Index 2020). 

Tunisia is also A friendly and open economy that guarantees Freedom of investment in most sectors, Simplified procedures of implementation, Freedom to transfer profits and capital gains, Intellectual property’s protection and Ease to import and export with simplified customs procedures.

The country is a pleasant living environment recognized by its Internationally reputed educational system, its Developed healthcare services, its a unique cultural heritage and its Mediterranean climate and a diverse nature.

Tunisia has been ranked the best country in North Africa in terms of the use of digital tools for economic purposes with 57% of companies having a website, according to the report entitled “Africa’s Development Dynamics 2021 : Digital Transformation for Quality Jobs”, published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).